HOLY FUCKSHIT I hate the shitty mememer culture, here's why.

It's fucking ass
So basically every new meme is like an explosion it is only there for second and then no one gives a shit about it anymore. Like what the fuck, it's all a flavor of the month/week/2 week twitter/instagram/IRL/yt/4chan(nel) BULLSHIT is itn't really a meme it's just a popular phrase/picture thing. Like what is a "meme" wait nevermind i'm not gonna get all philosophical because fuck that shit. Basically "an element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means, especially imitation." According to google result number 1, number 2 however says. "a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc., that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly by Internet users." Which has 2 meanings wow, like a lot of words. Cool. So basically everything is subjective like comedy. So I can't say my opinion is fact because it isn't and because these are just lunacy rants that mean jack shit all. And so basically here's what I mean by flavor of the month/week/day/2 weeks.

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So basically as you can I see I went on knowyourmeme(penis licking website btw) and found some long burried memes and ran them through google trends and I put them in as a "Search Term" because it says that each differnt type of thing is measured differently so I leveled the playing field, Another thing I did was set the max distance back to 5 years just so I knew I wouldn't miss anything. And clearly demonstrated with these graphs it appears that the meme gets big super fast and them dies just as fast too with a few stragglers behind it. Not very epic at all. There's also probably a better way to display the data but whatever.

The ogreflow
So basically what I mean is the meme goes everywhere, like hot diarrhea, once you see it on one site prepare yourself to see it on every other site, YT, Twitch, 4chan (don't use it sucks ASS, except for /bant/ (except for when the faggot jannies and mods dump pol shit in it)) And sometimes in the youtube comments. It's stuff like this

So as you can clearly see that's kinda like a lot of memes that were popular at early 2020 like January to late March, And basically it's a copypasta thats posted sometimes on 4chan. Ironaclly of course. And what I mean by overflow is when you go to some old ass YT Video that's been burried from like 2009 and you see people talking about "The Algorithm" like it's some be all end all and then you get shitty comments like

You get the point, I cut out alot because it would just take up a bunch of space and be unnecessary and just repeating it. It's like you're not funny, you're not original shut the fuck up goddamn. When you repeat the same joke over and over and over it stops being funny, or when it's repeated only once or twice but you see it everywhere it also stops being funny.

Wojak shitters
Wojaks are annoying. I don't like wojaks, here's why, Basically wojaks used to be okay in my eyes, but then people started making the dumbest wojaks ever, Like doomer girl, eww AIDS girl more like, or those fembot/femwojaks, or all the "-oomer" varations, it was funny with 30 Year Old Boomer wojaks because it was somewhat original and was used for comedic purposes. It represented an idea and personified it. A sort of spinoff was "Grugg" the caveman wojak which was also funny and gave it a prehistoric spin on it. But now you got soyjak which is the weakest form of ad hominem ever, whenever you see it, the whole argument just devolves into a shit flining fest. And whenever you see a soyjak posted it's always like this
Step 1: Post something
Step 2: Someone disagrees with you
Step 3: Wojak is posted
Step 4: Great, now your entire post is undermined because someone posted a woajk, amazing content. It's like in class when one person said something and someone who disagreed with them only responded with an immitation of what they were saying. Wow cool, I didn't know elementary schooler and middle schooler were allowed on 4chan.

"Template" memes
Are these even memes wait yes because even back in 2010 when people would post rage comics, those were essentially template memes, Aren't all memes template memes really? Who knows. I don't know I mean lazy ass template memes that take no effort to make. Most are just take the image from someone else and then just MS Piss the text into them. It's like wow good job you wanna medal or something? Here are a few examples, all I did was look up "template memes" on google images and scrolled down, except for the Lisa one. I looked that one up by itself.

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So basically anyone with half a brain cell can make these and it's all like cool wow. It's like also the impact font memes which if you look up "meme generator" on google and the first result is that one by imageflip and you can make any of the "Hot"(Diarrhea) memes or impact font memes, you don't even need to use MS Paint or photoshop or whatever. That takes the effort level way down.

Meme compilations
So basically meme comps are all just stole content on YT that gets millions of views, how you can make money is steal stuff and reupload it and use a basic text to speech to read out what's being presented on screen. or something idk. It's like "DANK MEME COMPILATION VOL. 666 HOT NEW 2020 MARCH IF YOU DON'T LAUGH YOU HAVE NO SOUL" or stuff like "memes i pulled out of my urethra" or "clean memes to listen to while your scrotum flails in the wind" like what the fuck? And the videos are all just stole stuff with the watermark still on the video. Also the memes aren't that great in my opinion and also for some reason when you look up meme a bunch of what I mean comes up or sometimes it'll be on the first page of YT and I never watch those kind of videos until I was making this page, here's what I mean

Like wow epic not really. The same can be said about those reddit text to speech videos that I've never watched but I heard that those are the same. For some reason they keep showing up in my recommended.

The end, leave h8 mail in my discussion page