FUCKING IRONIC WEEABOOS AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! holy shit ironic weeaboos are the worst all they do is make jokes and shit about anime yet claim to hate anime even though the joke that they make clearly refrences an anime show that only another weeb would get and no one else would get! Why's that? It's because it's funny to be "ironic". Sometimes it's okay when it's used in a good sitatuion and is funny and other times like now all you see for humoris ironic shit. FUCKAnd it's all like well you clearly do like anime then if you made that weebjoke. Also to look out for is their avatar/profile picture for anything it's usually some anime girl weeaboo but it's actually "le ebin trap xDDd" and their name has a bunch of forced unicode characters and shit it looks like this "_-=~*Ðεsμ*~=-_" and their profile picture looks like this

And then they have to make sure they are all fucking annoying and like to thir gay erp discord server with a pedo for everyone in the chat. and a voice chat where everyone uses voice changers to sound like their 12 or some shit. And then they also talk all like "Nyaa~ *nuzzles* UwU OwO OwO OwO OwO UwU UwU UwU UwU" That;'s the face of someone with an arm and a leg in their ass holy shit. But it's okay when they do because they are pretending to be gay and like it also being "ironic" AHHHHH!!!!!! Here are some expales:
Gang ass