here's why

1. all they ever do is go online on to sites and spam their discord ids for their servers and then all the discussion goes to those discord servers and all the time that's where all the discussion needs to go here are a few examples:
What the fuck why make 17 threads if you are just gonna post a discord link? What difference does it make? You can do all the same things on that site as you can on discord. Oh wait you want to post a video or someshit put a google drive link in or something or a file again just use google drive or use a mega link for that shit.

2. The shit that it allows to fester on their sites

Holy fucking shit tits on a dick discord is home to some of the most vile and sad people on the internet Im not making this shit up, First of al they have tons of cults over discord about making kids take HRT pills to transition genders, and then have more cults about persuading others to take HRT and subverting an entire fourm section just to shit it up with their discord autism, in an origonal way. And they keep posting about how people need to be "sissified" and how that's shit and turn men into females. STUPID!!!

FBI Negros

Now discord is under investigation by the FBI for housing grooming activities and pedophiles faggot cock suckers Example Like what the fuck imainge that being your kid. And now the furry pedophile admis arew defenidndg pedopihle furries which is like defending shit and piss combonation together and banning everyone who says its bad. I will provide examples of this shit in a few picuters I Have to look throught my history first though so give me time.

Another reason is the fact that discord poopies are spying on your computer and selling all the crap you say over it and selling to the highest (((bidder))) which is kind of stupid and it also has been leaking peoples info again gibes me time and I'll provide info of that.. Another reason it is ass on a stick is that it's servers are the worst kinds of things ever, On my old computer I used to use diskkkord a bit for friends and would sometimes join a server and I didn't stick around for long though because of the stupid stuff, It has like 50000 roles for you to choose and then it would have a bunch of other crap not needed like a bunch of porn servers for everyone, and dating, and ass aids ass memes in the chat THICC stut the FUCC up does that make you sound smart? no it makes you sound like an idiot why do that is it to show how "With the times you are" yes you say with you stiped pink and white knee high socks with you gay-men pc with RGB seizure lights and your ":3" mask covering your face as you inject HRT and then some other drugs to feel better about being a street rat in a human's body. And their chastity cage and cuck porn and their 1423456789 foot dragon dildo they bought "IRONCILALLY" and they have their stupid penis cock fuck I hate discord. And there servers are always about drugs or some newest e-thot like belle delphine why is she popular because she looks like she's a kid fucking disgusting pedos I'll add pictures later...